Friday, 29 August 2014

Five Things to do when you first Move to London.

Five Things to do when you first Move to London

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Things to do when you Move to London
You’ve packed your bags (and boxes), and you’ve made the incredible leap from your hometown, to London! What do you do? Where do you go? In this post Central Moves are going to suggest five great things to do when you move to London – activities that are a little off the well-beaten tourist track that the capital is famous for.

1. Venture down to Chinatown!

London’s Chinatown is world-famous – it’s the second largest Chinatown in Europe. You’ll find a huge number of Chinese restaurants and oriental supermarkets in this bustling part of the City. The bulk of London’s Chinatown restaurants can be found on Gerrard Street and Wardour Street – where you can dine at a budget buffet for under £10 per head, or you can feast on the finest dim sum in one of the higher end establishments.

2. Take in an event at Wembley

Wembley Stadium is hugely impressive in every way – it towers above the skyline. It doesn’t matter what event you attend – but you must go to one! There are lot of sport events including football games, NFL matches – even outdoor music events and concerts!

3. Catch a London Taxi to Brick Lane

Brick Lane is popular with fans of Indian cuisine – you’ll taste some of the best curry this side of India when you dine out at Brick Lane. One little tip: Don’t forget to ask for a discount before you enter your chosen restaurant! There’s always a few pounds to be saved, and discounts are always forthcoming so don’t be too shy to ask!

4. Walk round Harrods

OK – we did say we’d steer clear of the tourist track, but Harrods is too good to ignore – it’s an institution in its own right! Take a walk around Harrods and marvel at all the things you’d buy if you had a limitless credit card.

5. Check out some of London’s famous markets

London plays host to many different markets selling a huge range of goods, from designer labels to handmade products from emerging small businesses. Take a trip down to Brick Lane Market, Portobello Road Market, or even Greenwich Market – you won’t be disappointed!
There’s so much to see and do in London, even for new locals like you!